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That was the year that wasn’t…

Well! Long time no see! I cannot say I have been consistent with this poor blog, but I think considering how 2020 has been so far, I have good reason! We, along like many others, can safely say that the Covid-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on our lives. Thankfully, all our families have… Continue reading That was the year that wasn’t…

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Come on, baby!

At the end of June, I began my maternity leave. I had originally planned to start mid July, but I have been having continual issues with my hips and pelvis, that after consultation with my maternity physiotherapist, it was agreed I would finish at the end of June. So, I am now into the final… Continue reading Come on, baby!

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Our Japanese honeymoon adventure, March – April 2017

Now we are home and utterly miserable, I wanted to write about our Japan honeymoon in an attempt to cheer myself up and hopefully make for some interesting reading! We had been planning this honeymoon before we had even considered where we were going to get married! Whilst sitting in the departure lounge in March… Continue reading Our Japanese honeymoon adventure, March – April 2017