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That was the year that wasn’t…

Well! Long time no see! I cannot say I have been consistent with this poor blog, but I think considering how 2020 has been so far, I have good reason!

We, along like many others, can safely say that the Covid-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on our lives. Thankfully, all our families have stayed healthy and safe, though there were a few of us pretty ill at the start of the first wave in Scotland (and my poor uncle testing positive, but made a full recovery, thank god!) and we continue to take precautions with hand washing, face masks and only going out when needed.

But its Emily I really feel for. Her little social life disappeared overnight and its only been in the last few months we have been able to start making plans to let her meet other children and adults. She is now at nursery 2 days a week, which she loves so much. I wish it were possible to let her go more but right now we just can’t afford it.

I have returned to work too, which was hard going to begin with. My final months of maternity leave were sucked away due to lock down and removed all mobility for us for our own (and others) safety). The benefit of this was Emily gets more time with her Dad as he has to work from home. And I am so grateful for that, the relationship between them is honestly one of the most wonderful things I have the joy of seeing on a daily basis.

I haven’t returned to my office either, my laptop, work phone and documents were delivered to me. I can safely say I am not a fan of working from home, though I do not miss the commute or the time constraints with nursery drop off and pick up. I miss my team, though we have online meetings daily, its not really the same!

I miss my family so much. I last saw them all together when my older sister and the kids came over from South Korea in February, followed by my uncle, aunt and their granddaughter from America in March. I haven’t seen my dad since February, though we talk regularly on the phone. We see my husband’s parents weekly as they live locally.

And my friends! It feels like forever since we were all together – last time we saw them all was January for Emily’s christening. We try to have game nights and zoom meets but I honestly cannot wait to hug the lot of them!

And our wee Emily, shes growing into a strong willed little lady. She’s almost 15 months and that honestly blows my mind – she was just a tiny wee bab the other day and now she’s this little girl, almost walking (she has zero interest in it but happily sofa surfs and crawls at a neck breaking speed), calling us mama and dada (and grandad!) and eats like a horse. She is wonderful! I still worry I am not the best mother but I know I am doing my absolute best and I love this little girl more than anything in this world.

I do hope to get this blog to go in the direction I originally hoped – documenting the treasure hunting of Glasgow’s charity and second hand shops – but realistically that is almost impossible right now. But once we can have a level of normality, I will get back into it. And I am excited to bring my daughter along too! I have little jaunts planned out for the both of us and when the time is right, we will get right on it!

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