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And then, she arrived!


Emily Josephine Mendoza, born at 5:58am on 11th August 2019, one week overdue. She measured 60cm and weighed 8lbs 6.5 oz, full head of hair and the most flawless eyelashes you ever saw!

I was in active labour for 26 hours, though my contractions started on the Wednesday before, but I had not dilated enough to be taken in. By Friday evening, I was reeling in constant pain and ready to go into the labour ward.

I won’t go into the finer details, but the labour was long and hard but she was worth every second.


Motherhood has been very eye opening – not only with the new addition to our lives but to the changes to both my body and my mind. 

Right now, my husband and I are still adjusting to having her in our lives – night feeds are HELLISH and I won’t even pretend breastfeeding is great. I am honestly hating it, but I am continuing as right now, it is what she needs and I can handle it. This might change!

If anyone does read my blog consistently, I will be mentioning my daughter more and more, however, I will try not to make her my main focus. But she is now a massive part of my life and I am keen to write about my exploration into motherhood, how I am managing and the plans I have for all of us.

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