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Come on, baby!

At the end of June, I began my maternity leave. I had originally planned to start mid July, but I have been having continual issues with my hips and pelvis, that after consultation with my maternity physiotherapist, it was agreed I would finish at the end of June.

So, I am now into the final week of pregnancy and what a struggle! My pelvis seems to have gone on strike, so I have been essentially housebound unless I am provided with transport. This is not how I envisioned my leave to be! I had idyllic visions of sauntering into the local town, setting up in a coffee shop for the afternoon and either blogging or letter writing. Sadly, this is just not happening!

I have tried setting up a temporary letter writing station in the living room but sadly, I have gotten as far as arranging some of the stationery in my Ikea Raskog but as for actual letter writing, my back just wasn’t happy and the writing tray I have been using now will not rest comfortably on my lap thanks to my bump! I have so many letters to reply to (and thankfully so many kind and patient penpals) that I am dying to get going before the baby arrives. I will give it another try this week!

I also thought I would be cooking lots in the kitchen, but as I have come to discover, standing upright for longer than 10 mins REALLY HURTS and I have to sit down. I find this so frustrating, as cooking is my relaxation and I love to prep slow cook meals, but now I am struggling to do this. Same with cleaning and doing the laundry. Argh!!

My left hand has developed carpal tunnel syndrome, which I have since found out is a normal aspect of pregnancy. Normal?! Why does none of this ‘feel’ normal?!! So I have limited use of this hand at the moment.

My skin also took an absolute battering last week, with a continual burning itch all over. Discussed with my midwife and after a round of blood tests, I thankfully do not have ICP (no, I am not a juggalette) but have been slavering myself in various creams and lotions and confirmed this is a symptom of the later stages of pregnancy

After an emergency trip to triage for reduced movements last week (she was fine, performed many squirms and kicks once she had a chocolate bar…so embarrassed) I was given stronger antihistamines and a steroid cream which has really helped. I have been promised this WILL stop, along with the CTS, once I delivered the baby. I am terrified it will continue afterwards but I have been told time and time again it will change. I have to cling onto that hope!

My skin is finally calming down now but I still struggle to sleep with it, which isn’t exactly ideal but I will soon have a little baby to distract me from it! I am back today to maternity triage for a growth scan for discussion if I should be induced, however my due date is Sunday (4th August, my wedding anniversary!) so I feel this is kinda pointless? At least I will get a rough idea how much she is going to weigh!

I have no idea when she plans to show up, I had it in my head she was going to be a July baby, however she seems to be very comfortable where she is! All I know is as each day passes, my ability to cope with the pain and limited mobility deteriorates. 

Overall, I cannot say I have enjoyed being pregnant. It’s really not been an enjoyable experience. Not that I fully expected it to be as such, but I am yet to experience this ‘glow’ that some people describe! I will be most happy to have this little girl and start to get my body back to as normal as possible.

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