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Hey baby!

It has been a very long time since I have done a proper post, but there has been a few very good reasons for this!

I had had the full intention of making my blog to be about working on my new home, charity shopping and being out and about in Glasgow. We picked up the keys to our new home and got set about the external structure work and planned out what would go where, colours and planned how we wanted the house to be.

But our little world pretty much changed over night – I found out I am pregnant.

Johnny and I had planned to start trying once we knew we had the house secured. But I never expected to get pregnant IMMEDIATELY! I thought it might take a while for us to understanding my fertility cycle even though I had been tracking for a few years via the Maya app, but after a chat with my sister, she told me I should be using daily ovulation kits.

Taking this on board, I bought a batch from Amazon and tracked my fertility window (which was surprisingly long), little did I know I was already pregnant at this time!

So life has had a big switch about, but I could not be happier. I am currently 19 weeks and head for my 20 week scan on Friday with the husband and mother in law. Last time we saw bambino, they had a great time flashing its bum for us all – thanks pal!

So I guess I will try to continue my original purpose for my blog, however I fully suspect it will be scattered with baby posts. Its my first child, so I am equally nervous as I am excited, though I must admit I am counting the days until I see this wee bab again on the screen!

I worry I am too old to be a mother, at 38 I was considered high risk for several birth defects (which have since been medically confirmed to be extremely low risk, much to our relief) and I will be surrounded by all these young fit mums in dinky wee skinny jeans and tops. I am fair chunky right now, however I don’t think I have ever felt so proud of my body as I do right now – I am carrying this little child inside me and I show my bump with pride.

I never ever thought I would be excited about becoming a mother.  And whilst I still have have fears and concerns (I would be worried if I didn’t!), I now seeing them as challenges rather than concerns. There is no two ways about it – I am going to be a mother and that is that!!

So now I am off to look up similar journals focusing on older motherhood and such, so I can have something to read and hopefully go ‘yeah, me too!’ with!

One thought on “Hey baby!

  1. I can sympathise. I’m 38 too, almost 39 and the health of the child would be a major factor, and being so close to 40 trying to conceive – except that I don’t want to have kids. I’m not in a relationship. Even if I was, having children is off the table, for me at least. I do understand your concerns, however.

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