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Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2018! Here is hoping it is good to us all!

I’ve been thinking about what I would personally like to achieve in 2018, so here is a list (basically for my own referral and public shaming if I don’t manage it) of what I want from 2018:

  • Buy a house/flat
  • Complete a reading challenge on GoodReads seeing as I failed miserably in 2017
  • Lose weight! I have been a fat pie  since Christmas, so the hard work resumes on 4th January. God knows I need it!
  • Work harder with this blog – I ideally want it to be a charity shop find/living in Glasgow blog, but right now I know neither of these things are manageable. This doesn’t meant I won’t keep writing as I KNOW I need to keep that up but its finding my focus and goal that really needs development!
  • Improve my photography – I have been looking at evening courses but I think its something I will have to work on in the summertime and term starts again.
  • Return to my Japanese evening class – I had to leave this year after competing my exams (which I somehow passed) thanks to my previous job and its idiotic commitments. I have really missed the lass atmosphere which I find beneficial when focusing on languages so I hope to enroll later this year.
  • Visit the family more – aiming to scoot over to The Netherlands more, I really miss them!
  • Be a better pen pal – last year I really let my favourite hobby slip, resulting a fair few lost friendships. I am eternally grateful for those who remained patient and for that I promise I will not be a deadbeat pal again!
  • Try to stay positive – 2017 was a horribly hard year emotionally and mentally for me, which I have no problem in admitting to. However, it has really knocked my confidence, something I have never felt before. And I hate it. This just isn’t me, doubting myself in almost every decision I make. So I am not going to let it continue, as I can feel it tearing away at me. I am going to reign my confidence and keep my head held high.

So that is what I want to achieve in 2018, here is hoping in 12 months time I find myself ticking alot of these off!

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