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Yay for time off! Finally its the holiday season, where I plan to eat a horrific amount of food, play video games and enjoy being with friends and family.

When I was younger, I really hated Christmas, because it was always a messy situation in my family home. So naturally I wasn’t much of a Christmas person but my husband is, so when we started seeing each other I was upfront and honest with him

He kindly invited me over for Christmas one year which I had to delay to spend it with my mother in her final days.

So on Boxing Day I headed over to their house and I had an absolutely wonderful time! Its only since then I have found Christmas to FINALLY become a relaxing time which I look forward to. And now its become a tradition!

I am really lucky to have wonderful in-laws who have us over and really pamper us! I am on strict instructions to NOT help in the kitchen or tidy or anything! I haven’t had a family Christmas like it, this is SO not a complaint!

I have filled the Kindle with a load of books (I recently joined an online book group with friends, more about that another time) and going to brave the shops tomorrow and grab me some Christmas jammies to snuggle up into, I will grab some yummy hot chocolate for us all and relax ❤

How do you spend your Christmas?

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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