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Creature Comforts 

Today’s post comes from my good wee pal, Paperblank Prompts:

Cosy blankets and copious amounts of tea! Admittedly, I am not a fan of winter. I am happy in my cosy house but when I have to go outside, that’s just criminal. But I get the slow cooker on, shove loads of tasty food in and let the house get toasty. Winter is a time for comfort!

It’s also the best time for videogames, the husband and I have spent many a winter bundled up together on the couch, playing videogames and nibbling on snacks. It’s time well sent together, but it’s also a time when I tend to go back to games I love the most.

Animal Crossing New Leaf holds a special place in my heart, it’s a happy little piece of fun that doesn’t seem to get old! Secret of Mana always makes an appearance and  Final Fantasy XIV has crept back into our lives. It’s been great running with friends which means we always have something to do!

We have pre-ordered a mini SNES for this winter, to keep us entertained on the cold nights. I’m already planning our evenings in, we are moving outside of the city soon to save money for a deposit for our own property. So socialising will be scarce, but evenings together will be cosy and fun!

I hate the cold, but I love a cosy house and a cosy heart!

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