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Love and marriage

So I have officially been Mrs Mendoza for over a year now!

Johnny and I celebrated one year of marriage on the 4th of this month, beginning with lunch where we had been married the year before in Pollok House ,then later I was surprised with a lovely dinner, spa and massage and overnight stay at the beautiful Blytheswood Hotel & Spa !

Married life has been wonderful, I count myself very lucky to have such a wonderful person to spend the rest of my life with (gush gush I know), he is my best friend who makes me happy every day.

Out first year has not been a simple one, within  matter of months we had to move home, I got promoted to a new job with separated us for 5 weeks, ongoing health issues, I lost an uncle to cancer and now we are planning to move again. I really wish we could have a level of stability with our surroundings, I know this move will benefit us in the long run but its frustrating! I just want somewhere we can call ours and make it our own.

I have often wondered if marriage has changed me, but when I give it consideration I can’t really find anything that has changed. Admittedly, I love being called Mrs Mendoza, it is a mighty fine name 😀 I think if anything marriage has made our bond stronger, the last few months have not been kind but thankfully we managed to come through it together and light is finally at the end of the tunnel.

My first year of being Mrs Mendoza has been hard work, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Here’s to many, many more years together ❤

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