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Sunday Sunday…

After chatting to the husband about old routines we used to have when we were younger, I have decided to go back to my old Sunday routine – cleaning!

When I was younger I was super disciplined – I would get up early and have the house sparking by lunch time. This suited me so well, meant the house was lovely and clean and I could relax and enjoy the remainder of my Sunday.

I am itching to get back to that way of living, since moving into this new place I haven’t really ‘felt’ the flat. I think I am lacking any connection to here, given that we didn’t really want to move (annoyingly our old place up for sale and the landlord has really tarted the place up. It looks gorgeous but he is asking way too much money for it!) and its a little too small for all of our nonsense! Our lives have been pretty mental since getting married so I think its tie to get some stability and routine back into order.

Today I got up early and headed in to town, maaaaaay have fallen into Primark (shhhhhhhhhsh lets not talk about that though) and grabbed loads of new cleaning supplies before heading home. Today is going to take me longer than normal but it means that all other weekends it should be much easier, apart from next week when Johnny and I will be at MCM London.

I need to get back into habits that benefit me, like going to the gym! I have started a weekly yoga class at Studio 70 and plan to get back into low carb once we get Expo out of the way – Its a nightmare trying to follow diet during Expo weekends so I will start it in June. I am hoping June will be my month for self improvement!

Now to get that washing hung up and start sorting out the mountain of ironing I need to do, I bloody LOVE ironing!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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