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Spring cleaning

This week we waved off our flatmate Kat, who has found herself a perfect flat in Glasgow for herself. Whilst I really miss her, I am happy knowing she has a beautiful little space to call her own that I know she is going to make into a comfy little Kat cave! It really does make me feel easier knowing she is going to be ok!

This also meant that we had some additional space in the flat, seeing as we still had some moving boxes in our living room! Whilst this flat is nice, its still a bit on the small side for us –  I HATE that the kitchen is in the living room :S It drives me mental! Its only a temporary measure, we are looking to buy somewhere, in the Southside preferably as we love it here.

We have spent the majority of the Easter weekend emptying the flat and moving the boxes into the spare room, catching up on a LOAD of washing and next weekend I plan to have a right good clear out session. I am going to put a load of clothes up on my Depop profile which I will link once it has some content!

This weekend also marks the end of bad habits – I return to a low carb lifestyle and more exercise. I am getting to a stage where I am super unhappy with how I look and feel and I can’t keep making excuses for myself anymore! So Its back to high healthy fats and proteins and no carbs for 2 weeks!

This spring clean isn’t just going to be for the house, its going to be for my head too 🙂

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