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Tomorrow is my final day (well half day) at work before we jet off on our honeymoon! I still cannot believe that we are finally heading back to Japan!

We have sorted out where we want to go, who we want to see and what we want to do. We just have to get there now! I won’t lie, I am absolutely DREADING the jet lag…last time though I was riddled with flu, so I am hoping for a healthier trip this time! I have grabbed a list of books from my friends on Facebook and a few that I have had my eye on for a while now.  This Kindle has been my saviour!

I need to finish packing (I am NEVER this disorganised but I have been swamped at work so I have been putting all my energy into that to let me finish up with a clear schedule) as well as grab a few things tomorrow after work.

I don’t feel excited yet 😦 I know once I am done at work and back home I will be feeling it then, though I aim to have a snooze early evening and then stay up for a good portion of the night so I can sleep during the flight in an effort to combat the lag! And this time I am a wise traveller, no skinny jeans and hoodies this time – big baggy men’s joggy bottoms, comfy t-shirt and  zipper hoodie. And most importantly, my grumpy cat slippers for the flight! If I have to be in the air for 14 hours I might as well be comfy! Thanks Primark for my flight chic 😛 I have charged my DS so I can get some Animal Crossing in as well as the new Yoshi’s Wooly World to keep me entertained 😀

So I just need to get there! I am armed with my phone to take a billion photos too, I want to try capture as much as I can this time.

Right time to finish the packing, see you on the other side of the world!


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