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Living for the weekend

Since starting my new job, I really have come to realise just how precious my weekends are. The oppertunity to relax and see my friends and family means so much more to me now than it ever has done in the past! Even when I am just sitting on the couch with a book, now feels like a reward rather than a cure for boredom.Relaxation is key on these days.

This weekend was great fun, though relaxation was very much last on my list! Dining out, attending an anime convention (as a vendor this time) and a girly day out to Ikea made for many a good laugh. I would say I haven’t stopped smiling since, but that would be a lie…I fell asleep and Monday happened ūüė¶ but I won’t dwell on that, after all, we are one day closer to the weekend, right?

On Friday, I met up with my lovely friend Emma for a much needed catch up. We have been friends ever since  I joined the office we would both work in for 5 years, then moving (almost) together to a different department for a further 2 and a half years. We have since moved to different sectors and to new jobs, thus ending our daily meet ups, but on the promise we will see each other regularly. She is one of the people I can literally talk  to about ANYTHING, she has been there for me through thick and thin, I only hope I have done the same for her!

We headed over to the east end of Glasgow (our auld work haunt!) to a wonderful restaurant called¬†St. Luke’s, for amazing steaks and a load of catching up to do. Cannae whack a right good bitching sesh! The food was beautiful, the service was great and the price was very easy on the bank balance, Groupon helping absorb the cost of the steak!


After dinner heading out to Silverburn Shopping Centre for a little nosey, I wound up grabbing ¬†gorgeous pair of ¬†Adidas Superstars. Long story short; last year I regrettably didn’t¬†buy an amazing pair of silver glitter Adidas for my wedding. This has been a thorn in my side ever since, so my poor sufering husband has been trying to source these as they are no longer available in shops. Annoyingly, their popularity is well know, with sellers bumping the price up by an additional ¬£100+. After several failed attempts, fake pairs and¬†one seller not even attempting to try (radically different trainers!) we all but gave up. Then these sexy beasts burst into my life, needless to say they are coming to Japan with me!


How could I not take them home? ūüôā

On Saturday, I spent the day with my wonderful friend Kat helping her sell her jaw droppingly beautiful art at Rai Con 2017. She has been promoting her online web comic, The Curios of Paper Moon through a short prologue comic and a Key Items guide. Please check her art out over at One Little Apple, you will thank yourself for it!


The con was good fun, we saw many friends from the anime fan base and saw some amazing costumes, namely one from our friend Dimitris as Genie from Aladdin! Overall the con was a success, a fun day and another promotion for Kat’s hard work. We headed to¬†Nanakusa, a regular place for us all to congregate after local conventions to celebrate the end of the day and catch up. As always, the food was amazing!

I made a few cheeky purchases myself!


Sunday brought a ladies trip to Ikea, the best furniture/ all the candles n home things you ever knew you needed SO BADLY shop in the world! Kat is moving out once we return from honeymoon to her own apartment in Glasgow, so she wanted to go start on getting items for her place.This could only mean one thing…


We all piled into the car and headed over to the sacred land, where we said we would ‘just grab a few wee bits and bobs’. This is known as ‘famous last words’, though I was immensely proud of myself for avoiding the candle section. This is something close to a miracle, like walking on water or seeing an angel. I kinda like candles…


It was a great day, we ‘accidentally’ fell into Primark, where I managed to get the last things I need for the honeymoon and we all had a good giggle.

As we left the shopping centre, we noticed a large plume of black smoke behind the centre. You could smell this horrible burnt plastic as soon as you walked outside.


Turns out it was the Govan Scrap yard that was on fire, as far as I know as I write this, they are still trying to put the blaze out. We watched for a moment and then headed home. The rest of the evening consisted of sitting on the couch, drinking tea and watching nonsense on TV. Bliss!

Weekends like this are golden, and must be treasured as they are what makes you get through the week!


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