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Training in Croydon 

The last few weeks I have been a little Croydon bird, living in a hotel and attending training for my new job. I’m currently in week 4 of 5 and I feel like the training is starting to settle into my brain, I’m putting it into practice so it’s making sense at last!

I have managed to avoid the lure to the big smoke so far, though that’s mostly been due to a terrible cold I caught down here…still better it get it out of my system now than when I head to Japan in a few weeks!  That’s also a factor, I’m trying not to go mental with the spending (mainly due to boredom in the evening) and saving for the honeymoon.

Croydon is a strange place, it has a large ethnic mix which fascinates me but has a kind of ‘town in decline’ feel especially in the shopping areas. It’s got all the essentials and the restaurant selection is great, since we are living out of them! It’s surprisingly affordable too, sometimes even cheaper than Glasgow. It suffers from them big town mentality though, I wish I could say the people have been friendly but, yeaaaaaah no. 
London water though, ugh!! It destroys my skin and makes my hair totally unmanageable! So I’ve been making sure I cleanse my skin daily and give my poor hair the help it needs to make it feel semi decent! Wednesday nights are my face/hair/feet masks and pamper sessions! Still, I cannot wait to be home and back to my own bed! Though I am extremely grateful for this opportunity my work has given me, I do miss the husband and the cats, I didn’t think I  would miss them as much as I do. Still, I’ll be moving around the country later in my career so I best get used to living on the move!

I’ll be back in my own office for 5 weeks, then we jet off to Japan for our honeymoon!

I have enjoyed my little jaunt down here though, it’s been an eye opener for me not only for my new job but also how I am as an individual. The job is do is extremely important and hearing some of the cases I will be working on has made me more determined to work hard and give the best results I can. It’s changed the way on how I evaluate situations too, which I am grateful for.

Almost home time, I can do this 🙂

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