Second hand goodness

I seem to have a talent for finding gorgeous second hand thrift items recently. Obviously it’s saving me a lot of money to update my wardrobe, as well as helping charities out.
It was also super helpful when I was both putting weight on and then losing it again,  plus it’s a fun hobby to try find certain items for my house –  mega retro fruit bowl and a hall clock have been my faves so far.

So I am going to try blog about them more on here,  give me use for this journal and also help drag me out of this terrible writers block I have been struggling with the last few months.  It’s not ideal,  but right now I’m using my phone purely because it seems my PC is dying 😦 it’s getting looked at later this week,  but I think the diagnostic (please read: last ditch attempt)  is to save all the things I love onto externals and memory sticks and do a complete wipe of the PC. Absolutely terrible timing as I was trying to muster the guts to return to Final Fantasy XIV.

Anyway,  I hope to use this journal as a log of things I love.


This little black and white beasty being one of those things and a cunning plan to test photo uploads  😀

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